Saturday, 7 July 2012

Julian Assange: Deadline for the delivery takes place today

Julian Assange (2010 in Norway)

This Saturday is the ten-day time limit for the extradition of WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange in Sweden. Given the fact that Assange still staying at the Embassy of Ecuador, where he was on 19 June refuge is questionable whether the British authorities can do anything to meet the deadline.

The Ecuadorian government still discusses about Wikileaks application for political asylum. When will it come to a decision is unclear.

The deadline of this Saturday it is clear from the judgment of the Supreme Court rejected this on 14 June Wikileaks from application to reopen the extradition proceedings and decreed that the process of delivery should begin earlier than 14 days after the verdict. From this date onwards we have the provisions in ten days to extradite Assange. A spokeswoman for the Swedish prosecutor, Karin Rosander, confirmed to the U.S. news channel CNN that today's Saturday marked the expiration of the period.

Assange himself declared that he would remain in the embassy to Ecuador has decided on his request. As before, he can apparently count on loyal supporters: every day since Assange escape, activists gathered in front of the embassy to express their solidarity and to passers-by on Wikileaks fate and the political concerns of WikiLeaks attention.

According to the British authorities by Assange violates his stay in the message against its surety requirements and therefore could be arrested. Diplomatic protocol prohibits the British but to do something against Assange while he was in the embassy - is - and thus in the territory of Ecuador. The London Metropolitan Police refused to express an opinion on whether they are working today in any form is to force Wikileaks delivery.

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